• Pipe and Profile Fiber Laser system is used to process pipes or profiles produced in different materials and shapes in many sectors such as agricultural machinery, machine tools, defense industry, automotive sector and indutrial shelf sector.
  • The machine is suitable for pipe, square profile, rectangular and oval profile cutting.
  • The machine can be produced with 1kW and 2kW power options.
  • Machine or bale profiles or pipe materials are installed by an automatic loading systems.
  • The maximum cross section that can be cut in the machines is 160mm X 160mm for Ø160mm square profiles.
  • Te machine can work for profiles or pipes up to 6500mm in length.

Machine Model NK-T160
Type Pipe and Profile Cutting Machine
Cutting Head Auto Focus Head
Resonator 1 kw 2 kw
Laser Fiber Diameter 50 µm 50 µm
Maximum Cutting Capacity Mild Steel 5 mm 10 mm
Stainless Steel 3 mm 4 mm
Aluminum 2 mm 3 mm
Brass 1,5 mm 2 mm
Copper 1,5 mm 2 mm
Cutting Diameters and Diameter Minimum (mm) Maksimum (mm)
Pipe Diameter ø 20 ø 160
Square and Rectangular Profile 20 x 20 160 x 160
Lenght Max 6500 mm
Remnant 80 mm
Options - Bevel Cutting
- Weld Seam Detection
- Automatic Loading (max Ø100mm, 100 x 100mm)
- Automatic Unloading
Control Panel 21" Multi Touch Screen, Ehternet Enable
Machine Weight 12.000 KG

NK-T160 - Nukon
Nukon; lazer, plazma, su jeti, CNC alevli kesim makineleri, değişik kapasiteli atölye vinçleri, yük kaldırma magnetleri gibi makine ve ekipmanlar geliştirir