Vento Flex

VENTO FLEX 315/420/620
Vento Flex Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 
  • Our new design Vento Flex model has high productivity and upper segment standards. With its unique design, it is possible to cut both sheets and tubes.
  • Vento Flex has 1530mm x 3050mm, 2030mm x 4050mm or 2030mm x 6050mm size with auto dual shuttle table. You can cut pipes and profiles with Ø20-150mm diameters up to 6500mm length.
  • 2 kW, 3 kW and 4 kW laser power options.
  • Speed, sensibility, reliability and low operating cost with loading system, loading-unloading system and more features.
  • With a single button, you can switch from sheet cutting to tube cutting without needing any other equipment.
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The shuttle table system is designed to increase workflow, to allow easy placement of material and to reduce time spent unloading parts. The shuttle table height is positioned with the help of four hydraulic cylinders. The cutting table is then  lowered to aid in the loading and unloading process. The speed of the cutting tables can be adjusted according to the thickness of material. A special device can be installed and removed manually on the cutting table for pipe and profile unloading.

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The feeding chuck can hold materials between Ø20-Ø150mm in the center axis precisely. Jaw clamping works with pneumatic drive with adjustable pressure. The profile rotation axis and profile driving axis are servo-motor driven.
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The front chuck can hold materials between Ø20 and pnömaØ150mm precisely in the center axis with 4 supported roller jaws.Jaw clamping works with pneumatic drive system with adjustable pressure.
The supports are the supporting elements that are placed in order to prevent collapse and oscillation of the materials during the cutting according to the cross-section and length dimensions of the pipes and profiles entered into the CNC. All settings are made automatically according to the section dimensions.

Sheet Dimensions 1530mm x 3050mm/5x10 ft 2030mm x 4050mm/6.6x13.2 ft
Resonator Power( kW ) 4,6,8,10,12 4,6,8,10,12
Axis X 3050mm/10 ft 4050mm/13.29 ft
Y 1530mm/5 ft 2030mm/6.66 ft
Servo Motor 145mm/5.7"
Linear Motor 80mm/3.1"
Servo Motor 145mm/5.7"
Linear Motor 80mm/3.1"
Working Table Height
900mm/35.5" 900mm/35.5"
Maximum Loading Capacity
2000 kg/4409 lbs 3500 kg/7716 lbs
Positioning System
Rack and Pinion Rack and Pinion Linear Motor Linear Motor
Acceleration 20 m/s2 30 m/s2 15 m/s2 20 m/s2
Axis Speed
(X,Y Simultaneous Speed)
135 m/min 240 m/min 135 m/min 200 m/min
Additional Power Consumption
- (+10 kVA) - (+10 kVA)
Positioning Accuracy (Pa)*
0.1mm/0.0039" 0.1mm/0.0039" 0.1mm/0.0039" 0.1mm/0.0039"
Shuttle Table Change Time
27 sn/sec 35 sn/sec
Controller 19" Multi Touch Screen 19" Multi Touch Screen
Assist Gas
Oksijen (O2) : 15 Bar
Azot (N2) : 25 Bar
Oksijen (O2) : 15 Bar
Azot (N2) : 25 Bar
Optional Equipment
-Auto Nozzle Changing**
-Loading System
-Loading/Unloading Systems
-Air Cutting
-Cut Line***
-Auto Nozzle Changing**
-Loading System
-Loading/Unloading Systems
-Air Cutting
-Cut Line***
Machine Weight 15.500 kg/34.170 lbs 21.500 kg/47.400 lbs
* The accuracy that can be achieved depends on variable factors such as workpiece design, heat treatment, dimensions and position in the work area. Values given are based on VDI / DGQ 3441.
*** Cut Line technology is available for 4 kW, 6 kW and 8 kW power options.

 Axis X 6530mm/257"
Y 200mm/7.8"
Z 145mm/5.7"
U nx360°
 Supports Automatic Servo Adjustment and Pneumatic Driven
 Axis Speed X- Axis 100m/dk(min)
U1-U2  Axis 360°/sn(sec)

Maximum Profile Thickness Cutting Capacity
 Power 2 Kw
 Mild Steel 6mm/.23"
 Stainless Steel 4mm/.15"
 Aluminum 3mm/.11"
 Brass 2mm/.07"
 Cooper 2mm/.07"
 Max. Outer Circle Diameter Ø 170mm/6.70"
 Max. Pipe Diameter Ø 150mm/5.90"
 Max. Square Side Length 120mm/4.72"
 Max. Rectangular Side Length 150mm/5.90"
 Feed Length 6500mm/21.32ft
 Max. Loading Weight 15 kg/m
 Remnant 195mm/7.6"



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