REX 315
REX Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

       REX stands out with its compact structure and it also has the advantage of cutting
     pipe and profile.

  • 2 kW, 3 kW, 4 kW, 6 kW and 8 kW laser power options.
  • REX model also provides pipe and square profile cutting option in addition to metal sheet cutting. This is ideal for companies those are working with special pieces.
  • X model can be equipped with linear motors on X- Axis (the bridge) to achieve better precision and faster travelling speeds.
  • Nozzle cleaning, cut detection, piercing sensor, loading/unloading system and more features.

Rex Linear-Site.jpg
Unlike the Y axis produced with servo drives, the X axis (the bridge) can be produced with a linear motor combination that provides better acceleration.

Rex Linear-Nozzle site.jpg
Suitable for cutting and marking various metal pipes and tubes such as stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, spring steel, titanium, etc.
Usable for advertising, crafts, decoration, lighting and other metal processing sectors.
With the developing technology and Industry 4.0, speed is becoming more prominent in the industry.Nozzle change performed manually reduces work efficiency and leads to losses in work times. For this reason, there is a need for a system which will automatically perform the nozzle change process especiallyin the machines that communicate with each other, automation systems and the machines whose work list already defined to be cut.

CutLine-New copy.jpg
 Technology allows you to achieve better quality results on cutting surfaces compared to standard cuts.


 Enables you to automatically load and unload your machine.


REX 315
Sheet Dimensions 1530mm x 3050mm/5x10 ft
Rezonatör (kW) 2,3,4,6,8
Axis X 3050mm/10 ft
Y 1530mm/5 ft
Z 150mm/5,9"
Working Table Height
Maximum Loading Capacity
2000 kg/4409 lbs
Positioning System
Servo Motor / Rack and Pinion
Acceleration 15 m/s- H17 m/s2
Axis Speed
(X,Y Simultaneous Speed)
140 m/min - H160m/min
Positioning Accuracy (Pa)*
0.1mm/0.0039" - H0.05mm/0.002"
Shuttle Table Change Time
27 sec
Controller 19" Multi Touch Screen
Assist Gas
Oxygen (O2) : 15 Bar
Nitrogen (N2) : 25 Bar
Optional Equipment
-Pipe Cutting (ø 30-130mm)
Length (80-2900mm)
-Loading/Unloading Systems
-Air Cutting
-Linear Motor on X axis
-Cut Line Technology**
-Piercing Sensor & Cut Detection***
Machine Weight 15000 kg/33070 lbs
The right to make changes to dimensions, construction and equipment is reserved by NUKON.
*       The accuracy that can be achieved depends on variable factors such as workpiece design, heat treatment, dimensions and position in the work area. Values given are based on VDI / DGQ 3441.
**     Cut Line technology is available for 4 kW and 6 kW power options.
***   This option is available for 6 kW and above power options.
H      Linear Motor option(Hybrid) values on X axis


Resonator 2kW 3kW 4kW 4kW Cut line 6kW 6kW Cut line 8kW 8kW Cut line

Maximum Cutting Capacitiy
Mild Steel 16mm / .62'' 18mm / .709'' 20mm / .78'' 20mm / .78'' 20mm / .78'' 25mm / .98'' 25mm / .98" 30mm /1.18"
Stainless Steel 6mm / .23'' 10mm / .39'' 12mm / .47'' 15mm / .59'' 20mm / .78'' 25mm / .98'' 30mm / 1.18" 30mm / 1.18"
Aluminum 5mm / .19'' 8mm / .32'' 10mm / .393'' 12mm / .47'' 20mm / .78'' 25mm / .98'' 30mm / 1.18" 30mm / 1.18"
Brass 3mm / .11'' 5mm / .19'' 6mm / .236'' 8mm / .32'' 12mm / .47'' 15mm/.59” 15mm / .59" 15mm / .59"
Copper 3mm / .11'' 5mm / .19'' 6mm / .236'' 8mm / .32'' 10mm / .39'' 12mm/.59” 12mm / .47" 12mm / .47"
Power Consumption
380-400v / 3HP (Avialable in 220v /3PH) ±10%
24 kVA 28 kVA 32 kVA 48 kVA 65 kVA

Rex - Nukon
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