NK Oxygen System

Mechanical System

  • Bridge cooling: There are under bridge protective steel. Distance 50 mm of at the bridge there is continuous air flow and it reduces the heating of the bridge.
  • Y motion system: On the H platform and machined rail system and precision gear racks 
  • X motion system: Work has been connected in parallel to the surface with rack and linear rails.

Cutting Head Features

  • Automatic distance control, automatic ignition, oxygen and propane check valves, which prevent flashback, system that protects against shocked sensor (collision), post –crash Machine stop feature.
  • (TANAKA) Cutting Head: cuts up to 200 mm, fireproof hoses, Solenoid valves Burkert or Parker.  (200 mm cutting thickness – on one part) 


NUKON   FCM-5100 Flame cutting machine
 Machine Speed  mm/min 30.000 ( positoning speed)
 Positioning sensitivity mm 0.05
 Repeat sensitivity mm 0.01
 Torch Adedi - 8 piece plasma station (optionally max. 8 pieces).(oxy-propane)
 Distance Control - 8 distance control system
 Control System - Infinity Wesbus (Linatrol - Kanada)
 Placement Program - Lantek CAD/CAM automatic aligment
 Rail system - The rail is used on the platform H.

NK Oxygen System - Nukon
Nukon; lazer, plazma, su jeti, CNC alevli kesim makineleri, değişik kapasiteli atölye vinçleri, yük kaldırma magnetleri gibi makine ve ekipmanlar geliştirir