• N-LIFT has been designed for loading sheets to machines automatically.
  • Machine operates at high efficiency and increases capacity of production with N-LIFT.
  • N-LIFT minimizes space requirements with compact design.
  • N-LIFT, thanks to the automation system can be programmed structure.
  • We use high quality pads Germany Schmalz brand which has double suction for vacuum 
  • Dry-type vacuum pump is used  with 25 m3 / h capacity
  • Safety system sensors are available in the workplace.
  • It has flexible structure with 76° angle which can load to machine

For NUKON machines  NF PRO 315 - REX 315 - VENTO 315
Max lifting capacity  750 kg
Max lifting height  600 mm
Max sheet size  1500x3000 mm
Min sheet thickness  0.5 mm
Carrying surface of load  Plain, soft burr
Loads moving  Horizontal
Quantity of vacuum  ø 210 / 8 pieces
Max lifting speed  20 m/min
Max angle of rotation  76 °
Total machine power  5.5 kW
Approximately weight  2500 kg

N-Lift - Nukon
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