• Water jet is a cutting process in which the cutter is commonly connected to a high-pressure water pump where the water or water-abrasive mixture is ejected sensitively from the nozzle, cutting through the material by spraying it with the jet of high-speed (800 m/s) water.
  • The ability to cut material with minimizing the effect of the heat as there is no “heat-affected zone”, allows metals to be cut without harming and changing Intrinsic Features.
  • Hard metals such as titanium, tungsten alloys, stainless steel and carbon steels.
  • Soft metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and lead.
  • Materials for construction and decoration industry such as granite, marble, ceramic, glass laminated glass and wood.
  • Carbon, Kevlar, composites, paper, cardboard, learther, textile, products, gasket materials, Plexiglas, polyester, polyethylene sheets, fiber, plastic and rubber derivatives can be cut with water jet.
  • Water Jet cutting technology is a method that can cut of all materials on earth from thickness 0.1 mm to 160mm.
CNC  and  Software
  • PLC based multi-functional 19” color TFT touch screen CNC units are used.
  • All axis motors consists of digital motors.
  • It is possible to see the simulation of cutting program and cutting path during operation on the CNC display.
  • Cutting software is in the CNC unit, It can open dxf and dwg files.
  • Pressure adjustment, abrasive speed and all other applications can be controlled from a single screen before and during the cutting operation.
  • Programming can be done with IOS programming standard.
  • Automatic sorting, font and point marking operations can be done

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  • Machine Speed : 20.000 mm/min(positioning speed)
  • Position Accuracy : 0.05 mm
  • Repeat Accuracy : 0.05 mm
  • Propulsion System : Applied Linear halical rack and pinion


Applicable Machine Dimensions
 B L H
1500 mm3000 mm1800 mm
2000 mm4000 mm1800 mm
2000 mm6000 mm1800 mm
3000 mm8000 mm1800 mm