Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake


Designed to cater to different industrial needs by being compatible with processing different materials. Ensures continuity in production processes. Enhances efficiency through high power and automation capabilities. The backgauge system facilitates operations by accurately positioning at entered coordinates, further simplifying and speeding up the processes. Provides reliable results at thin and medium sheet thicknesses by ensuring maximum precision at every step.


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Standard CNC Control Unit

ESA -875 W CNC Unit Features

21.5” TFT LCD Full HD multi-touch color display Industrial computer
3.2 Ghz Intel I5 Processor
Windows 10 Iot operating system RAM: 8 GB
Advanced HMI for all applications up to 128 axes and easy learning
Standard 2 Ethernet ports for all
1 RS-232 seral port
4 USB 2.0 ports + 4 USB 3.0 ports
25 language options

Back Gauge System With Servo Motor

The rear support system with a servo motor is supported by a threaded shaft and linear slide to maintain the machine’s performance at its peak during extended working hours. Additionally, the stepwise and foldable rear support arms enable you to easily perform various types of bends.

Ridging System

CNC-controlled motorized ridging system achieves flawless results at every step of the bending operation. With the motorized CNC ridging system, the bending differences caused by the material or other factors are automatically calculated and the perfect result is achieved.

Front Sheet Support System

It is manually moved to the right and left thanks to the linear guide and bearing system fixed to the machine body. It is supported by a ball flange and up and down movement is performed via the damper.

CE Safety System

Our machines are produced according to norms of European CE standards, and occupational safety s ensured with hydraulic, electrical, laser finger protection, switches on sliding doors and sde safety.

Fast Upper Mould Connecting System

The upper mould is an essential part of the press brake, as it applies the force needed to bend the material. This mould needs to be securely and accurately connected to the press brake for precise and consistent bending operations. The term “fast” implies that the system is designed to expedite the process of connecting the upper mould, saving time and improving productivity.

Wila Mould Connecting System

The Wila Mould Connecting System provides significant advantages in press brake machines by enabling the fast and reliable connection of the upper die. This system saves time and increases productivity by ensuring a quick and secure connection. Additionally, it delivers excellent results in bending operations by offering high precision and accuracy. Its ease of use allows operators to work efficiently, and its compatibility and flexibility enable seamless operation with various press brake models and upper die designs. Lastly, with its secure connection structure, it facilitates efficient and safe work conditions for operators. With these features, the Wila Mould Connecting System offers a notable advantage in press brake operations.

Delem DA-66T and DA-69T CNC Unit

  • 3D and 2D graphic touch screen programming mode (3D only on DA-69)
  • 3D visualization in simulation and production (only on DA-69)
  • 17″ high resolution color TFT
  • Full Windows application suite
  • Delem Moduls compatibility (module scalability and adaptability)
  • USB, peripheral interface
  • User-specific application support in the control multi tasking environment
  • Sensor bending and straightening interface, Profile-T3D offline software (only on DA-69)
  • Profile-TL offline software for DA-66T

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Calısma Hızları
Working Speeds
X Eksen Calısma Mesafesi
X Axis Stroke
Bükme Uzunlugu
Bending Length
Ayaklar Arası Mesafe
Inside Frames
Ayak Genişliği
Side Frame Width
Makina Yüksekligi
Machine Height
Tabla Yüksekliği
Table Height
Bogaz Derinligi
Throat Gap
Cene Acıklıgı
Daylight Opening
Tabla Genisligi
Table Width
Makina Uzunluğu
Machine Length
Motor Gücü
Motor Output
Yag Depo Hacmi
Oil Tank Volume
Y Eksen Calısma Hızı
Y Axes Rapid  Speed
Y Eksen Büküm Hızı
Y Axes Working Speed
Y Eksen Dönüs Hızı
Y Axes Return Speed
X Eksen Calısma Hızı
X Axis Working Speed
R Eksen Calısma Hızı
R Axis Working Speed
R Eksen Calısma Mesafesi
R Axis Stroke
7501000Takribi Agırlık
Approx. Weight
AMH 3113513531002600163028009004105202756038001115018010150500240200StandartOpsiyon9750
AMH 3117517531002600165028159004105202756038201520018010150500240200StandartOpsiyon11250
AMH 3122022031002600167029509004105202759038402225018010140500240200StandartOpsiyon12750
AMH 3132032031002600195033859005105203759038603040016010140500240200StandartOpsiyon17500
AMH 4117517541003600165028159004105202756048201520018010150500240200StandartOpsiyon12850
AMH 4122022041003600167029509004105202759048402225016010140500240200StandartOpsiyon14000
AMH 4132032041003600195033859005106203759048603040016010140500240200StandartOpsiyon20500