Press Brake
This product, specially designed, is an ideal solution for businesses operating in small and narrow spaces. The superior performance and bending precision of our standard-sized machines are evident in this product as well. It is specially manufactured for businesses that aim for bending precision.
Enabling ease of operation and increased productivity, the AMH series bending machine ensures top-level results. It allows precise bending of the sheet by descending the upper jaw in the correct position and completing the return, designed to achieve perfect performance in your operations.
It stands among the most powerful and durable equipment. Facilitating metal shaping processes with top-level precision and efficiency. It performs precise bending and sloping operations flawlessly, even with high tonnage capacity, ensuring long-term productivity with its long-lasting structure. It stands out with its ability to process different material thicknesses flawlessly.
It stands out with the advantages it provides by combining superior precision, high speed, economical usage, and energy efficiency. Offering faster processing times, the opportunity to reduce costs with economical usage, and an eco-friendly approach by saving energy.

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